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Physics publications and the like

Faith and Physics / Glaube und Physik

In the framework of her matura paper, a student interviewed me on my view on faith, physics and the relation of the two. Read yourself:

The too fast CERN neutrinos

I have left CERN for good in 1997, and I have never regretted it, even though I spent interesting 5 or 6 years there. However, the interest in what's going on in particle physics has never left me. When in 2011 the OPERA collaboration seemed to observe neutrinos travelling faster than light, I couldn't resist to search for a simple expanation for this impossible phenomenon. My idea was that the coriolis force could explain the effect, and I started calculating: 

Ein Planetenweg für den Stöffelpark

Some years ago, I started realising a planetary path within the "Stöffelpark" near my native village in Germany. There exists an interim solution now with posters that can be found here:

Two theses

PhD-thesis (May 1996): "Entwicklung eines Übergangsstrahlungszählers basierend auf Gasmikrostreifendetektoren zur ersten Untersuchung von Sigmaminus-Elektron-Streuung am Hyperonenstrahl des CERN":

Diploma-thesis (August 1993): "Entwicklung von Gasmikrostreifendetektoren auf Plastiksubstraten":

Scientific publications

A paper resulting from my diploma thesis: "Use of ultra thin semiconductive layers as passivation in microstrip gas chambers" (October 1993)

more papers coming soon :)

Presentations at international conferences

"Xi^- Production by Sigma^-, pi^- and Neutrons in the Hyperon Beam Experiment WA89 at CERN"

Talk presented by M. Heidrich at the 2nd International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons,

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 27-30th August 1996

"Towards a Determination of the Sigma^- Charge Radius in the WA89 Hyperon Beam Experiment at CERN"

Talk presented by M. Heidrich at the 7th International Conference on the Structure of Baryons, Baryons '95,

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 3-7th October 1995

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